“There Isn’t Anything Special About Me.”



If dogs could speak and tell us why they ended up homeless in a shelter, this is what they’d say.


Tucker would tell his story of extended homelessness due to his lack of ‘pizazz’. Tucker was found in a rural shelter, in the back of the building, in a closed off room with no lights, sitting in the dark. Tucker was so ready to get out of the shelter that he watched our Hard Knocks’ team walk up and down the kennels, never once looking away. His unwavering gaze is what spoke to the team. Outside of the kennel, Tucker was very aloof, and disengaged. He hated being kenneled once he got the taste of freedom. He was such a great playmate for puppies, and even bonded with Rosie, a fellow artist in this exhibit. He was bullheaded and refused to listen to commands. Turns out, this boy spoke Dutch. He was an average, red and white pitbull-type mix that the shelter had at least 20 more of. He was in rescue for over a year before his perfect family found him. 


According to the ASPCA, pitbull-type dogs are the number one breed for intake into shelters but the number three most adopted dog. 


Tucker came into rescue in October 2017 and found his forever home in December of 2018.

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