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School of Hard Knocks
2022 School Year

Hard Knocks Rescue & Training, Inc. offers a 6-week group class completely free of charge to owners and their dogs. Our unique curriculum combines basic obedience commands, proper management skills, enrichment resources, and appropriate socialization for the dog and their human. This hybrid training course is designed to establish a firm foundation of training and trust for both the human and their dog. This class is designed to pave the way to a CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certification while strengthening the relationship between dog and owner. We strive to be a resource for education and support to all pet owners who want the best possible relationship with their dog. Not every dog is going to benefit from a cookie cutter training style. Our program is designed to be individualized to your dog, even while in a group setting. Our goal is to keep dogs in their homes without the threat of being surrendered to a shelter/rescue.

2022 classes are full

check back for updates on 2023 class schedule

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