Why HKRT Training?

In addition to finding homes for our rescue dogs, we offer training services to the public in an effort to keep dogs in their forever homes and out of shelters. Through Reward-Based Training and following LIMA (least intrusive, minimally aversive) principles, we build effective communication between our beloved dogs and their guardians. Along with teaching new commands, we utilize realistic management techniques to help with any behavioral issues that come with integrating a pet into your household. It's through these methods we are able to build a positive and long-lasting relationship between dogs and their humans!


Group classes at our Lowe Mill studio follow a set curriculum to help owners and their dogs learn basic obedience.

We offer 3 week courses, 6 week courses, and drop in sessions for extra practice. Our classes meet once per week.


*please see our training fee schedule for more information*

Group Training Class


Meet your trainer for 30 minutes to an hour for private training to troubleshoot specific behaviors or work on obedience training.

virtual Zoom sessions

-virtual training from any location

office private session

-at our Lowe Mill studio

in-home private session

-Our trainers will travel to your home (*additional fees may apply)

*please see our training fee schedule for more information*



Structured private session focusing on rehabilitating and preventing dog reactivity through the use of additional trainers and dogs.

-Office Session

-In-Home Session


*please see our training fee schedule for more information*


Behavior Adjustment Training


Specialized, private, in-home session focused on setting up your home and developing a transition plan for integrating newly acquired dogs

Private in-home session with multiple trainers specializing in integrating a newly acquired dog into an established home.


*please see our training fee schedule for more information*

Decompression Set up

and Pack Member Integration


Our certified therapist will utilize reiki techniques to activate the natural healing processes of the body to promote physical and emotional well-being.


*please see our training fee schedule for more information*

Reiki sessions