“I Was Born Damaged Goods.”



If dogs could speak and tell us why they ended up homeless in a shelter, this is what they’d say.


Sniffles would tell her story of being surrendered by her owner because of her leg. Sniffles was born with her hind leg completely detached from her hip bone. To make sure she received the proper veterinary care, she was surrendered. Sniffles came from a large litter of puppies making a future tripod and unbelievable expense. After several months of growing, multiple x-rays, 3 different doctors, Sniffles’ leg was amputated. Not to worry though, she is 100% all puppy and doesn’t let her missing limb slow her down.  


According to TriPawds, a group specialized in dog amputee research, less than 10% of all amputees are due to birth defects.


Sniffles came to Hard Knocks March 2021 and is still looking for her forever home.

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