“Nobody Gave Me A Chance.”



If dogs could speak and tell us why they ended up homeless in a shelter, this is what they’d say.


Sloan would tell his story of being overlooked for almost 11 years due to being ordinary. At the ripe age of 1 week old, Sloan and his siblings were thrown over the fence of a rural shelter in Mississippi. Being in a shelter at such a young age and growing up in a kennel left Sloan with little to no house manners. He wasn’t especially handsome or had any striking features. He sat in his kennel, day after day, year after year, never straying from his routine of 2 times outside a day, never picked to have a family.


According to Zazie Todd PhD, the average wait time for an adult dog in a shelter is 42 days. 


Sloan came to Hard Knocks April 2021 and found his forever home in July of 2021.

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