“I’m Not Perfect.”



If dogs could speak and tell us why they ended up homeless in a shelter, this is what they’d say.


Rosie would tell her story of obsessive creation resulting in life left outside without shelter or proper care. Rosie’s creator bred to achieve the ‘perfect’ pure white pitbull. Rosie was loved and cared for in an untraditional sense. She was one of many pitbulls bred on this property. After living in an environment with little to no appropriate socialization, Rosie developed a reactivity to other dogs, and a fear of people. She came with her brother, whom she attacked once they made it to the shelter. She was accustomed to a life of fighting for her next meal, having little to no human interaction, and barely having her basic needs met. Rosie makes everyone work for her trust, but boy is it worth it once you earn it.


According to the AKC reporting database, pitbull-type dogs are by far the most popular strong breed dogs at around 20% of the total U.S. dog population. 


Rosie came into rescue in January 2017 and found her forever home in September of 2017.

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