“The Odds Were Stacked Against Me.”



If dogs could speak and tell us why they ended up homeless in a shelter, this is what they’d say.


Rocket would tell his story of surgeries, complications, and aggression due to an overwhelming amount of issues. Rocket came from a local shelter with the diagnosis of paraphimosis. Because of this, he endured 3 grueling surgeries and 1 experimental procedure in an attempt to fix this before his first birthday. He had an upper respiratory infection, skin issues, and an injury to his paw as well as his paraphimosis. Aside from being one of many pitbulls in the shelter, Rocket was physically unwell causing him to develop reactivity.


According to veterinarian Shea Cox DVM, Paraphimosis accounts for approximately 7% of penile problems in dogs, and while not common, it is uncomfortable and can cause distress to pets (and their owners) and can have more serious consequences if left untreated or if it becomes a recurring issue.


Rocket came to Hard Knocks April 2019 and found his forever home in July of 2020.

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