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Hard Knocks Rescue & Training is hosting its first ever Art Competition, where your pooches are the artists!!!! All submissions will be displayed in our studio 1055 for all to enjoy. Our top three winning artists will be featured in our upcoming art exhibition this fall. 


How to enter:  

1.) Send an email to and register your dog 

2.) Entry fee is $20 per painting (there is no limit to number of submissions) 

3.) Stop by our Lowe Mill studio 1055, during office hours, to pick up your blank canvas. (Any media is allowed as long as 75% is created by your pup and fits on the provided 8 x 10 canvas)  




Once you have registered and gotten your canvas, let your pup’s creative juices flow! Submit the finished product along with a 4x6 picture of the artist. The winners of the art competition will be announced Wednesday, September 29th on opening day of the exhibition.  


Deadline for completed entries is:  

Saturday, September 25th at 12pm  

so register TODAY at studio 1055!!!! 

Art Contest (1).jpg
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