Henry & Gladys

Henry- 11 days Gladys- 8 months 

in rescue

Although these two were adopted to two separate families, they still get to have playdates together and LOVE IT!

Gus & Fauna

Gus- 7 months Fauna- 2 months in rescue

These two had an instant connection to their fur mama, Cat. They are the perfect fit.


In Rescue 5 months

Boston is another one of our first HKRT intakes. He definitely has it made now!


In Rescue 2 months

This gorgeous lump of potato is the sweetest girl in the history of ever. She took one look at us at the shelter and gave us the 'get me outta here already' look. 


Willow was one of HKRT's first intakes into rescue. She was adopted almost instantly.

Chief Hopper

In Rescue 1 month

This three legged boy hit the Jackpot in his forever home! He has the best family!


In Rescue one year (foster failed)

Waylon came to HKRT a mean, grouchy old man with really bad teeth. Now he is the world's biggest mama's boy.


In Rescue 5 months

Torben came to us semi-feral and very untrusting of people. He definitely has learn to trust his new mom!! Look at those snuggles!


In rescue 14 months

Tucker is spoiled rotten with his fur sister. They are the perfect match.


In Rescue 4 months

This handsome boy found the PERFECT forever home up north! He is living his best life!


In Rescue 5 months

Daisy came to us a bag of broken bones, literally. She was so skinny with a shattered back leg. After an amputation and lots of groceries, this girl is happy as can be.

Mama Hope

In Rescue 15 months

Mama came to us semi-feral left after all of her puppies were adopted out. She was very hesitant with humans but she has clearly found her pack.