About Sloan:

Age: 10 1/2 years old

Breed: Shelter Dog Mix

Sloan...My goodness, what can I say that his sweet little face doesn't already say. He came to us from an amazing shelter in Mississippi. He and his family were thrown over the shelter's fence when they were just a week old. He has left the shelter twice in his whole life. The first time to be neutered and the second being when he travelled with us back to Alabama. Being a shelter dog his entire life, Sloan is pretty well adjusted to routine, structure, and predictability. He is quiet, respectful, loving, and just all around a good boy. Sloan needs a family that is willing to show him what he has been missing these past 10 years and willing to take him on a lot of 'firsts'. Sloan gets along with other dogs, unresponsive to cats, and good with kids.