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Lisa Maasen

Chief Executive Officer

Lisa has been in rescue for over 7 years. She has a passion for helping every living thing and spreading kindness to the world.



Organization Facilitator

Sandy has a medical background and has had a passion for working with local shelters the past 6 years. She is a lifetime dog snuggler.


Cooper Hughes


Cooper is CPDT-KSA, CBCC-KA, ABCDT certified with a Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science, minoring in psychology. They have 12 years of experience and a real passion for animals.


Katrina Mathias

Social Media Coordinator

I try to foster literally every animal out there but dogs are my favorite. I will take any dog and make them my baby. My personal motto is “there’s always room for one more”. I make a lot of bad jokes. Dark humor gets me through life.


Sarah Prater

Private Trainer

Sarah is one of our private trainers as well as leading some group classes.

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Krysten Blasingame

Chief Marketing Officer

Krysten has been involved in rescue for over 10 years. She has a passion for dumpster cats and dogs.


Jennifer Stevens

Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer has been in rescue for 3 years. She has a passion for the senior pups who need all the love.

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